A day with Stas and the guys

Niva at StasThe plan for the day was to move to Odessa, it didn’t happen that way. We had asked our  guy Stas to make a full overview of our new Niva before the first master test, moving all of our stuff from Kiev to Odessa. I knew already that there would be a delay of some hours because some parts were missing, but I kept my hopes high and expected to get rolling at around 2 PM and do the 7 hour ride with style.  When I arrived there were still some “details” left to do, so I was invited to sit down and have a coffee in the meantime. What was supposed to be a small coffe-break turned out to be a full day with the guys in the workshop, I finally left them at around midnight.

It was a quite interesting afternoon for me in any case. I found a good corner of the workshop where I sat and worked for much of the day; let’s say I gave quite a good contrast to everything else in the environment. I also got surprisingly open minded stories about Stas private life, his three wives (from which wife no. 2 is the present one) and about his favorite movie (Braveheart). At around 10 PM, the radio arrived, but the antenna was missing, so we raced through the city to get it from one of the night open car part shops. I was informed (as usual) that the seatbelt wasn’t needed, because Stas has a good friend he can call if the police would stop us. Stas took all of the safety measures needed though since he made the sign of the cross every time we swept by a church. When I left the workshop at midnight, (a time when new clients still arrived), I had passively inhaled smoke roughly equivalent to one year of cigarette consumption.

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