A lunch to remember

The InstituteWe are doing our best to establish ourselves in our new neighborhood, we are aiming to find a good “столовая” (сanteen) which could give us a good daily lunch to a sustainable price-level.  We put our faith into the Institute on the other side of the street – students usually have a chance to buy cheap lunch food. We went in, met the security guy and asked him if they had a good canteen we could use, and he said that: “Sure it’s over there at the left, but I will speak with the director at first”. We took three four steps into the building were a lady “stopped” us and asked who we are. We made a short explanation which seemed to satisfy this lady.  Nothing seemed to satisfy the next lady though, the director, the big boss. She had decided her mind about the unusual invaders without even letting us open our mouths, “This is not a canteen for everyone so you can leave”.  We said “thank you” and left the building.

The story could have ended there, but we also had our eye on the “Avto remont” (car service) on the other side of the institution territory (don’t ask me how they organized that thing).  So we just crossed the yard and went into the car workshop, simply to ask the guys some Niva related questions. We didn’t have time to open our mouths in there though until the director of the institute was behind us again. She had obviously followed the suspects over the territory and was now ready for some telling-off. She didn’t believe anything of what we said, and our explanation that we need the workshop for our Niva on the other side of the street didn’t seem likely for her. “There is no Niva on the other side of the street, show me your documents!!” I have rarely felt myself so disbelieved before, and our surprised smile over her reactions didn’t fall into taste either “What’s so funny!”.  Finally she let us go without calling the police (which she threatened to do), and we eventually found another canteen connected to the police institute. This turned out to be exactly what we were looking for, with borsch just in our taste, so now we have a lunch place.

After the lunch we had a short walk home and got our sights on an office building close by with the sign “office for rent”. We walked into the building (with our previous experience in mind) and asked for the director. We were showed in to a room packed with flowers and met with “Viktor Anatolevich”. He had been the director there since way back when they used to construct assembly lines for factories from all over the Soviet Union.  We were shown some pictures of the good old times, and also got a look at the room that now might become our office. Overall, this was a lunch to remember!

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