An old Lada needs care

I am just about to leave northwards, to Moscow with my good old Lada… She has had a bad week we could call it. It started with the battery being completely empty when I came back from Sweden. In times like this, it’s good to live on a hill, and it’s good to have 3 strong German business partners who can give her a push down the hill for a fresh restart. It didn’t help for long though since she decided to refuse to start two days in a row (at the same street), and we had to tow her home with a taxi, breaking the towline no less than 3 times in 3 km… An old Lada needs care, that’s why we pushed her down to Stas and his crew yesterday morning. I decided to take the chance to spend some time to get my hands dirty in the workshop environment, learn a few things about Lada mechanics, sit down with the guys for some coffee, some small talk and listen radio Chanson ( – by all means an invaluable life experiences.

My Lada is now in her very best mood and spins like a cat… I will try to keep her happy all the way to Moscow.

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