Beetroot wins Sigma karting tournament for IT companies in Kharkov

This week has passed by really quickly, but it has been packed with lots of progress on the recruitment side and plenty of interesting experiences, I will share just a few.  On Tuesday evening we took the night-train from Kiev to Kharkov. It’s quite a perfect distance since it takes around 9 hours and as long as you get some good roommates in the coupé, you can get a good night’s sleep and arrive in Kharkov in a perfect time to start a workday. It also helps that we have our favorite little hostel to visit were you can rent a bed in a big room for just a couple of dollars, and normally stay there alone, with your own key and everything.

We had planned to stay Wednesday and Thursday to follow up on some of our connections that we found on our little scouting tour in April, as well as meeting some new ones. On Wednesday it came to our knowledge that the Swedish IT company Sigma was arranging a karting competition for IT companies on Saturday, and since karting is sort of what I focused my life on from 2002-2009 this chance of some publicity couldn’t be missed. Beetroot Resources were out for some aggressive recruitment on Thursday and Friday and managed to form a team of 4 IT specialists and one taxi driver for the competition day. It was an action packed day of racing between 40 drivers from 8 companies. Beetroot Resources performed well all day long and entered the Kharkov IT scene in style taking the victory in front of the reigning champions, Sigma Ukraine, Champagne!!

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