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I am sure you all have noticed that these are tough days for Ukraine and its hard working people. We sincerely hope that the current political crisis will soon be solved in a peaceful way, that will allow us all to look forward to a brighter future which this country both deserves and has the potential of creating. In the meantime, our own commitment stays unchanged and focused on building up Beetroot, and in this way contributing as a bridging factor with increased value exchange and communication across borders. In that respect we are happy to update you with some good news from our location down in Odessa.

17 months after we rolled into Kiev with our Lada, the Beetroot is bigger and growing faster than ever. We have also spent enough time in Ukraine to start to get an understanding on how things are working, from everyday practicalities to specifics of the local IT market. The recent Christmas and New Year break gave, just in-line with its purpose, some time to look back and reflect on things as well as building up energy to be unleashed this coming year.

New office

A few months ago, we once again grew out of our old office and moved to a new, more spacious one in the center of Odessa. Each move to a new office undoubtedly gives a boost to the whole team, not only because of increased space and change of environment but also the feeling of growth and the “climbing-the-ladder” effect. Our new Beetroot “garden” has a very cozy atmosphere which makes us all feel like home while at work. We have our own entrance, kitchen, shower, meeting rooms as well as two floors which will allow us to grow in peace for a while. Of course we kicked off work in the new office with a big party with lots of friends and colleagues invited! The party was preceded by a seminar where some of our guests presented their activities and shared some thoughts on different topics, both technical and business related.

During the autumn we launched our new Beetroot website to be more up to date with our present state and capabilities. All comments, suggestions and feedback regarding the site are more than welcome. Sometimes you get blind by working to much in your own garden and second and third opinions are very important.

To give you a view of our activities and what Beetroot is today, here are some numbers and quick facts

Beetroot so far:
– done 4 office upgrades
– 18 persons working in our Odessa office
– another 15 developers and designers engaged in 7 partner teams in Chisinau, Kharkov and Kiev.
– 6 open positions to be filled in Odessa within the coming month
– 25+ clients
– clients from 7 countries
– had 1000+ travelling hours on trains, buses and planes to make everything work
– kicked of the development of our own project together with partners. An Airbnb-like platform for short-term office space rental with beta launch in March 2014

Some of our humble plans for the rest of 2014 are (in an non-quantified format)
– Continue a stable and organic growth both in Odessa and through our project teams thanks to close partnerships with our clients
– Increase the capacity and quality in our focus areas (both technology and client wise)
– Increase our local presence in targeted client markets
– Continue to work with improvements of working environment and chances of personal and professional growth for the whole team.
– Much more which you will see during the coming year:)

BukovelIn other words, the journey continues and there are exciting times ahead! I myself kicked off the year with a train tour through Europe meeting resellers, existing and potential clients as well as some good old friends. I started off with a couple stops in Germany, went down to the French alps for a few days of skiing, continued to Switzerland and last but not least, had a massive trip back to Ukraine through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary. Trains trip can be very enjoyable and even productive, as long as you prepare some “offline work” to be done in the free-from-disturbance environment a train can offer. The past weekend was spent with a big part of the Beetroot team in Bukovel in the Carpathians, a first skiing experience for some and great team building for us all.

We will try to keep you up to date with what’s happening a little more regularly than in the past (not a promise, but an ambition). Good luck everyone and stay tuned!

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