Chernobyl visit

ChernobylFriday was spent with a full day trip to Chernobyl under rainy and snowy conditions.  The road towards the contaminated areas was as bad as the weather, and our guide joked that our group had some similarities with the group from the horror film “Chernobyl diaries” (seems like a ridiculous film btw) with three couples, and a driver named Yuri.

PripyatWalking around the snowy and empty ghost city of Pripyat was both sad and fascinating, especially interesting as a museum of how a small Soviet paradise city could look like. Huge efforts were made in Pripyat to attract the best brains from all over Soviet including a modern warehouse, football stadium, hotel and amusement park. I was surprised how close to the reactor 4 we were allowed to be, and how relatively low the radiation levels now are there. We could also see the construction of the “New Safe Confinement” in full action, supposed to be ready in 2015 and replacing the Sacrophagus that has been standing since soon after the accident.


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