Getting to know Odessa

The first 4 Beetroot days in Odessa was focused on getting a grip of the place, both as a city and as a Beetroot location.  As Gustav already spent a month here 1,5 years ago, it was up to me to approve the location. Result: Approved.

Odessa offered a rather warm welcome for the season with some 8 degrees and sun during the Monday when we celebrated Yana’s birthday walking around the streets of Odessa. It has a comfortable wibe, beautiful architecture as well as warm hearted people who love to make a joke now and then. Having gone through a number of meetings with developers, small IT companies as well as the local incubator Wannabiz, I am also convinced that this is the right place to continue to build Beetroot both when it comes to IT outsourcing and our broader vision. For Beetroot’s account it has also been a good and busy week with positive developments in several directions.

One of the main tasks of the week was to search for a place to live. We did this using some of the local broker services. You call a woman, tell what you want, they search for it among their contacts and then call you back, any time of the day, for any reason.  Making phone calls seems to be the main value creating activity for these brokers and every meeting should be booked, confirmed, rebooked, time-changed, place-changed, confirmed again, and of course followed up on, preferably before the meeting has ended so that the follow up can be followed up. 92 phone calls and 6 flat visits (yes, an average of 15.3 calls per flat) led to results though; we have a flat in Odessa, which should offer a comfortable living for quite some time to come. It even offers a guest room, so friends, very welcome!

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