How to break a Lada, and how to fix it

Driving an old Lada means putting yourself in interesting situations now and then. One thing that realistically could happen is that you simply drop the whole exhaust system in the centre of Kiev in rush hours, it just recently happened to us… It doesn’t necessarily need to be a huge problem though, not if you like Gustav has a habit to carry around a string in your backpack with which you can tie up the exhaust system and loudly drive to the nearest “Avtoremont” (auto service). Here you can meet with great guys like in our case, Stas, who can estimate the price of reparation from just a push up under the car.  100 UAH, or about 12 dollar and your Lada is both silent and ready to drive for another month or so according to Stas estimations. If you ever need an Avtoremont in Kiev, just write me an email, and I will send you the number of Stas.

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