How to get lost in Kiev using Google Maps in the wrong Language

Use Google maps, hit in the address you have got, don’t question the location, and just drive. When you have been driving on a small, dark, bumpy, empty dirt road with pools of water everywhere for some 15-20 min, you can call yourself officially lost, and call the people you were supposed to meet with and inform them that you might be some one and a half hours late. As a learning experience to take with you from this, except from Ukrainians being very patient, is to always be sure in what language you got the address. Since each street address exist in both Ukrainian and Russian language, and those can be written both with Cyrillic and Latin letters, there are four ways to write each address. To add to the confusion, some street names exist in duplicates more or less. Learning experience, use “Yandex Karti” instead of “Google Maps”, and rather search for the name of the place than the street name, if you just have the street name, it could help to write it just in Cyrillic letters.

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