Kick start in Zaporizhya

We spent a full week in the city Zaporizhya (ZP), where we kick started a new Beetroot team of 4 for an important client. The search of the right team for this client really gave us a wake-up call in terms of strategy since we did found it harder than we had expected to fulfill their needs with a reasonable cost for us and them, if to do it in Kiev. This made us search our way further out in the regions, and we landed in ZP thanks to Anton, a friend, and nowadays business partner, Gustav met on a conference in Kiev a couple of weeks earlier. From the week we spent in ZP, only good memories remains. We where warmly welcomed to stay in the home of Anton and his wife Oksana, and we soon got a close and great relation to the whole new Beetroot team after integrating into the office environment. An intensive week of team building, interviews, tests, negotiations and contracts passed with satisfying results for all parties. We could even afford ourselves to visit a Bachelors party for a good friend of Anton as well as a visit to a very special house where local artists have decided to settle and live.

ZP is a very industrial city, unfortunately with some work to be done on the emission side, but also with a wonderful island park called Khortytsia which we gave a visit. Next time I hope to visit some of the more industrial sites such as the ZAZ car factory, which used to produce the classical Zaporozhets cars, but that now produces for some of the Asian brands. Also the airplane engine producers Motor Sich that produces various engines mainly for the CIS markets is of great interest. In terms of our company strategy, it has become obvious to us that the place to be for IT outsourcing purposes is rather in the regions than in the capital, at least for two highly flexible and dynamic young entrepreneurs who are ready to get onto a nightrain in any direction when needed. One positive side effect of this is that we are “forced” to learn and get first hand experiences from various interesting locations.  My 60 ECTS master thesis which is in production will be largely focused at mapping out various mid-sized cities in Ukraine and Moldova in terms of feasibility for IT outsourcing from the perspective of a small Swedish start up. Moldova? Yeah… that’s where much of our December focus will be.

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