Lada journey from Kiev to Moscow

The era of Lada travelling is soon to be over for this time. I used it to go to Moscow and will try to take it back to Saint Petersburg after the Open Innovation Forum event. The ride from Kiev wasn’t too bad. I started at 04:30 in the morning and arrived to the border according to plan at around 08:30. I had expected at least some hours of waiting for the border crossing, but the whole process went shockingly fast, just 40 min with both the Ukrainian and the Russian controls. One of the border officials just couldn’t resist commenting on the odd combination of a young Swedish guy in an old rusty Lada with: “Aren’t you ashamed of yourself – what’s your salary in Sweden?!”.  The journey had two major challenges though, the first one being that the heating system in the Lada is long gone. As I was driving north, the weather got colder and colder to the level of ice being inside of the coupé. My solution to this was to dress accordingly – in my sleeping bag, it helped at least a bit… The second problem was that with some 300 km left to Moscow, the engine started to sound awfully bad in speeds over 40 km/h. So I adapted accordingly to running and drove in 40 for the rest of the way. I arrived 15 hours after I started at 21:30 local time, frozen, tired but happy.

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