Lada trip stage one, St Petersburg – Moscow

We decided to take the my Lada, or in Russian “Zhiguli (Жигули)” model 2105 from 1990 that had been standing in Kirovsk, close to  St Petersburg since I bought it the summer 2010, while I studied Russian in St Petersburg.  Why? Because it really adds to the experience moving in this way, plus Gustav had a lot of his stuff in Moscow after having studied one year at Bauman. The roads seemed to have improved since last I used them and they were of good standard most of the time.

One observation during the distance between St Petersburg to Moscow was the deterioration of many of the small villages on the way. It seems as if time has stopped in these places, and decided to move to the big cities instead. I counted to around 3-4 wooden houses with fallen roofs in each small village plus dozens of really skewed ones with old people still living. Another observation that stayed in my memory was the hundreds of “babushkas” – grandmothers, but the much fewer “dedushkas” grandfathers, who have their small stands with various eatable things for sale.

Arriving to Moscow, it quickly became clear where all the people from the village have gone… The 690 first km where done in some 9 hours and the last 10 km in another 3 hours. Moscow is just one big “probka” – traffic jam.  15 million doubtfully happy people in one place is just a bit crazy, too crazy for my taste. We were still in time to meet up some friends in the centre and finished with a night out at “Gipsy”, probably the best club in Moscow, try it if you have the chance!

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