Lada trip Stage two, Moscow – Kiev

We started our 900 km trip from Moscow to Kiev on the Saturday afternoon, well rested and with a hope that the border cues would be shorter if we passed it in the middle of the night. It turned out to be a good choice, we had some rain in the night but traffic wasn’t too much and the boarder was crossed in some 3 hours or so. The only real hassle there was the green insurance card that we should have bought before the border, but instead I had to take a little run to the Ukrainian side, buy the card in the border insurance shop, and run back again.

One thing that we noticed then, and have noticed much more later is that every person in Ukraine seems to know at least someone who is a programmer, this goes also for the woman who works in the boarder insurance shop, so I came back with not only the insurance card but also the phone number of some random programmer in Kiev. This was around 4 AM in the morning, always at work? The trip to Kiev took in total 22 hours, including border break, ice cream break, sleeping in Lada break and breakfast break. We arrived to Kiev early afternoon and hit the address where we stayed for the first couple of days, with a fast internet connection it also served as our very first temporary office in Kiev.


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