No electricity

Yesterday evening the electricity went out for the whole block. It has shown some signs of instability for the whole week, but there have never been any longer breaks, so I expected something similar. Now the electricity has been out for 12 hours, and I am reminded on how electricity dependent I am. For the first few hours, I could continue working almost as usual in the dark with my mobile internet. My Samsung Android eats battery fast though, so I soon lost my connection. The warm water and the stove are both by gas based, so that’s fine, heating is also not electric, so no need to worry really. But my phone is out of charge, and soon my computer as well.

I had 30 to-dos on my list this morning, 6 of them I can perform without internet. Without computer, I could perform 2, and they are done. I guess better go and find some nice café, and then buy some candles for tonight.

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