Sad news and an attempt to enter Belarus

On Sunday I was reached by some very unfortunate news, the much beloved grandfather of my girlfriend, Boris, passed away at the age of 80 in Bobrujsk, Belarus.  He was a great man who has been through a lot, and was appreciated for his positive attitude until the very end. I had gotten to know him well through my visits to Belarus as well as Boris own trip to Gothenburg earlier this year when he put himself on a train between Stockholm and Gothenburg without speaking a word in neither English or Swedish, just like that.

According to Russian traditions a funeral should be performed within three days which meant today. I put a lot of effort into finding a way to get into Belarus, but for a Swedish citizen, it would take at least 4 days to get a Visa done. Earlier you could even get the visa at the airport in Minsk, but this option is closed nowadays. Maybe because of Swedes throwing teddy bears from airplanes, what do I know? 400 km or 9 hours by train is too far away if there is too much of a boarder in between.  Let’s hope that the future will make it possible to travel without visa in the centre of Europe. From another perspective, this is how travelling is in general for the people of Belarus, Ukraine or Russia to mention a few.

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