Summarizing a week in Gothenburg

5 days passes fast when you have a busy schedule, I had filled it with some family quality time as well as meetings with clients, potential clients and sales partners. I also spent a full day at the Encubator, it’s an open office space with some 35 bright entrepreneurs are working hard with forming a business case around their technology based innovations for commercialization. Being there for just one day gave a great injection of inspiration for me, knowing that some of the concepts formed here will rise as successful tech start ups with my friends and group mates at the steering wheel.  A special thanks to the team “super fast wireless data transfer” for lending me a work space.

Beetroot took some big steps forward this week as some of the leads that was generated early in time has started to pay off, with a couple of projects started with new clients and also some delivers to happy clients. Writing this, I am at the bus between Warsaw and the Ukrainian border, which means I did catch both my plane and the bus without making any drama this time. We have an exciting week to come with our German partners visiting for a couple of days, some delivery to be made and a new sales approach to be tried out starting tomorrow. My girlfriend will also be in town, adding to our forces, as well as working at the Kiev film festival.

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