The Beginning

Leaving Göteborg without a fixed end date is something I haven’t done before, I am thinking about this fact, but interestingly enough, I don’t feel so different from those times when I have left home for a couple of month – with a clear end date. Even though leaving is a big step, in theory, the way back home is not far at any time, which makes me comfortable with not having that end date fixed. One date is more set though; we will give this project our full focus for a minimum of one year to come.

My first cultural chock came in Stockholm, why are everyone so angry in our capital? I was reprimanded by the bus driver for taking the wrong door at the bus, and had to squeeze through the whole packed bus with my 3 supersized bags in order to get my ticked stamped. Not many minutes later, a taxi driver rolled backwards into the bus, causing no material damage, but a big argument accumulating in a fist fight between the taxi driver and a passenger of the bus. I was almost late to my boat, and updating my facebook status on this interesting little incident it turned out that a dutch friend of mine had been on the same bus, and even taken a photo of me without realizing it when I was just in front of the fistfighters…. what a coincidence 🙂

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