Wrapping up the year

Some of you, who read my tearful farewell of the Lada, and then have seen that I haven’t updated the blog at all for almost 2 months, might have thought that I went down in some kind of a Lada missing depression. While I truly miss the Lada, the real answer to why there has been no blogging lately is that we have been extraordinarily busy, mainly in a good way, but also with trying to recover from some kind of a Virus that has been hunting me ever since the last Lada journey and only now have decided to leave for good (let’s hope). Looking back at the past two months, they seem to be some of the most value creating so far for Beetroot with a couple of major milestones achieved and some good enrichment of experience (take a look at the posts“Kick start in Zaporizhya”, ”Mapping the Moldovan IT environment”and “Visits and getting back to Gothenburg”). Here is a wrap up of this year:

Around three and a half months has passed since we arrived to Kiev with our things packed in an old Lada, some contacts and a rough idea of what we were going to set up in Ukraine.  Personally I feel that I have grown a year or two in experience, and I even need to take a look at my own blog to get an overview of what we have done. We started with a lot of lose threads, a lot of visions and a cloud of ideas, and have been working hard to nail down our concept while dealing with practical matters of everyday life and business. If to look at some of the goals we set up early in the process, we are business wise slightly ahead of where we ambitiously aimed to be at this point. We have a handful of clients who we feel that we deliver good value to with our 12 active team members covering up for around 8  full time positions. Our most important people, our developers and specialists get market oriented salaries, forgetting the small detail that me and Gustav are yet to receive our first pay check, our numbers look good as well.

This autumn, just about everything has circled around work, which was well needed. We left for Christmas holidays with a good base to stand on, some good reason to relax a bit and with a rather clear picture of what direction we are moving in. It hasn’t been much time for non work discoveries though, and while the spring will mean plenty of hard work, it’s also time to balance the time a bit more. It’s probably about time to move up from the floor, out of the office and leave the LAN party state.

2013 is expected to be full of challenges, and things will take new and surprising directions in one way or another, it’s just not worth guessing too much about it at this point, but staying alert, focus at doing a good job and developing Beetroot well, rather than fast. For
the experience base, I see only a fast line though.

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